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July 28, 2017 Written by Brad Russell

New Packs (and IsaPro) Are Now Available!

New Packs Now Available
The Isagenix UK team have heard your requests for one of its most popular products in international markets, IsaPro Whey Protein, to become available for United Kingdom customers. This is in addition to the recent arrival of IsaLean Bars to the range.


What’s This Mean for Customers?

IsaPro Whey Protein Shakes are now available to purchase individually for £42 for Preferred Customers, or £56 at full retail prices. Each 690g canister comes in delicious vanilla flavour.

IsaPro has also been added to a number of packs including:


Was There a Change in Prices?

There was a reduction in price for the following packs and individual products:

  • Weight Loss Premium Pack – Was £499, now £497
  • Energy & Performance 30 Day System – Was £293, now £283
  • Everyday Energy & Performance System – Was £187, now £182
  • Shake and Shot Pack – Was £159, now £140
  • Eshots – Were £19, now £15