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The name Isagenix is synonymous with health and fitness. With Isagenix Belgium products, you can achieve better health and fitness. All around the globe, including major European cities like Antwerp and Ghent, Isagenix has been making its mark towards transforming lives through amazing nutritional products.

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We give our customers a 30-day guarantee on their first Isagenix order. To help you with more information and guidance, Isagenix Belgium has extensive customer support. From suggesting the kind of dietary supplements based on your metabolism, to supporting you in your efforts at weight loss, we continuously make sure you’re on the right path. If you need assistance with purchasing any of our products, or just general information on which products are best for your needs, please contact us.

At Nutritional Cleanse, you can purchase the complete range of Isagenix products available in Belgium:

Plus, we stock the full range of packs (displayed at the bottom of this page).

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Our Most Popular Pack

30 Day PackThe 30 Day Weight Loss System comes with several ingredients that aid in a better metabolism and superior overall health. By fueling your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs, you’ll be able to lose weight easily—and keep it off!

This pack comprises the following:

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Other Popular Products in the Range

The Isalean Shake


Isagenix Shakes

Available in Creamy Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry flavour. Replenished with New Zealand’s hand-picked undenatured whey protein, vital fats, top quality carbohydrates, and a group of vitamins and minerals, it’s the ideal meal alternative for those who seek amazing results.

Nourish For Life


Nourish for Life

A berry-flavoured tonic blend that is naturally extracted and one that features a specifically created mix of B vitamins to ease exhaustion, heighten metabolism and sustain the body’s functions.

Ionix Supreme


Ionix Supreme

This is another natural tonic that is formulated with various botanicals, herbs and nutrients demonstrated to enhance energy, decrease stress and perk up your health in general. Not just limited to your body but also encompassing your mind, Ionix Supreme presents a plethora of gains by integrating a range of premium nutrients.

Thermo GX


Thermo GX

A completely natural entity, created without the addition of any artificial products or stimulants, Thermo GX, intends to offer your body the external metabolic support necessary to complement your internal metabolism.



Isagenix Snacks

Not to be dismissed merely as a tasty chewable snack, Isagenix Snacks are composed of first-class milk and whey protein, top quality carbohydrates, and healthy fats besides chromium to nurture and preserve a vigorous metabolism and healthy glucose levels.

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Take Part in the Isagenix Lifestyle with Nutritional Cleansing

Healthy Dutch ShakeWhen you embark on your Isagenix mission, you will be supported by a thriving team that will help you reach your financial and health goals. Start today by picking out one of the excellent packs and get ready to reach your dreams!

The Advantage of Using Isagenix Belgium Products

Our products are backed by latest scientific research conducted by world-class scientists and nutritionists. Genuine ingredients and formulas have been combined to create products that nurture and sustain life. Multiple vital needs of the body are taken care of by Isagenix products by offering a well-balanced mix of proteins and carbohydrates. The range of products comes with an assurance of providing energy, performance and weight loss.

Weight Loss Has Never Been Easier!

The key to maintaining a healthy and balanced weight is a well-planned nutritional weight maintenance system. This is precisely how the Isagenix Everyday Weight Maintenance System does the job. The unique combination in the product enables energy & metabolism boost, weight loss, and nourishment besides supporting the body’s natural functions.

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