August 4, 2020 Written by Brad Russell

The Power of IsaMove

Isagenix IsaMoveAre you looking to boost your metabolism and build lean muscle?

If so, the Isagenix IsaMove supplement should be part of your daily routine. By taking these all-natural capsules right before bed, you’ll wake up to a much healthier body.

IsaMove, a magnesium-based dietary supplement, is specially formulated to support your body’s ability to transform the calories you eat into healthy energy. IsaMove also makes it easier for your body to quickly and efficiently metabolise protein, producing the lean muscle that you’re striving for and allowing you to maximise your efforts at the gym.

Instead of using stimulants to help your body create and maintain energy, IsaMove is built around the vital nutrient magnesium. Why is magnesium so important to a healthy lifestyle?


The Benefits of Magnesium

Unlike many dietary supplements, IsaMove is formulated with natural ingredients chosen specifically to help your body function at peak performance. The key ingredient in this powerful formula is magnesium, a seriously underappreciated nutrient when it comes to health and wellness.

Magnesium is a vital mineral, but not one that many people think about when building a balanced diet. According to the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey, approximately 19% of the UK’s population is deficient in magnesium. The more common foods that are part of our modern diet contain little magnesium, making it difficult to consume the recommended 400 milligrams each day. A few foods that do pack a significant amount of magnesium include

  • salmon,
  • spinach,
  • edamame,
  • quinoa, and
  • tempeh.

Not getting enough magnesium can be a serious problem that could lead to muscle aches and low energy, as well as more significant problems like kidney failure. Magnesium is a major player in your body; it is an essential component in over 600 of the processes that the body uses to function properly, including

  • energy creation,
  • protein creation,
  • muscle function, and
  • nervous system regulation.

What else can magnesium do for your body?


Magnesium and Your Body

Why IsaMove


The viral nutrient magnesium plays many roles in the body, but one of the most important is its effect on inflammation.

Reducing inflammation can also be great for your immune system, allowing you to recover more quickly from minor illnesses that get in the way of your daily life.

Magnesium is particularly important when it comes to processing the body’s sugars. People with low magnesium intake are more likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes, and increasing magnesium intake has been shown to lessen diabetic symptoms and complications.

This vital nutrient is also important for heart health. One study indicated that those who added more magnesium to their diets showed significant decreases in their blood pressure, particularly if they were already suffering from elevated blood pressure. This means that magnesium is an essential ingredient for keeping your heart happy and healthy.


Magnesium at The Gym

According to some studies, your body requires 10-20% more magnesium during exercise than it does when your body is at rest. These studies indicate that athletes who increase their magnesium intake before a workout show significantly improved performance throughout the exercise. This vital nutrient is a surefire way to get the healthy energy you need to fuel your workouts.

In addition, the excess magnesium helps remove lactic acid from muscles, decreasing fatigue and post-workout muscle soreness and cramping. Many people who have higher levels of magnesium find themselves feeling much better the morning after a workout than those who suffer from magnesium deficiency.


Magnesium in Your Brain

Couple in gymMagnesium doesn’t just play a role in your muscles; it is also a vital component of proper brain function.

Research shows that adults with a low amount of magnesium in their diets are at a 22% increased likelihood of being diagnosed with depressive disorders. Increasing the magnesium in your diet or taking a supplement has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms of depression.

Migraines are another significant brain-related issue that magnesium can help tackle. According to one study, as little as one gram of magnesium was enough to significantly reduce symptoms of a migraine. This means that regularly adding magnesium to your diet could help fight chronic migraines.


How Does IsaMove Work?

The IsaMove supplement is an important part of your Isagenix regimen. The 100% vegetarian capsules contain a whopping 200 milligrams of magnesium: about 50% of the daily recommended intake for adults. The supplement is best taken right before bed, allowing the magnesium to get to work in your body while you rest.

The essential minerals and electrolytes in IsaMove target your muscles and metabolism while you sleep, helping your body recover from the day’s activities and metabolizing the food that you ate throughout the day. This means that even while you’re at rest, the IsaMove supplement is helping your body burn up calories and fat.

Taking a capsule before bed is all it takes to reap all of the amazing benefits that magnesium has to offer!