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Isagenix Shake & Shot Pack

Isagenix Shake and Shot Pack

Are you ready to start living the life you crave? The revved up Isagenix Shake and Shot Pack may be just what you need. Designed to help fuel your muscles and maximise your energy with premium protein, superior plant-based caffeine, adaptogenic botanicals, and other scientifically-proven ingredients, this unique Isagenix pack gives you exactly what you need to reach your fitness and performance goals.

Download the Isagenix Energy & Performance Guide for more information on how this pack works, a daily planner, the results you can expect and more.

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Benefits of the Shake and Shot Pack

The leading scientists and nutritionists at Isagenix developed each of the products in the Shake and Shot Pack to provide everyone from pro athletes to stay at home mums with the premium fuel they need to maximise their workouts and be the very best versions of themselves they can be.

Increased Energy

Featuring a bounty of IsaLean Shakes and e-Shots, the Isagenix Shake and Shot Pack has plenty of powerful protein and natural caffeine to fuel your workouts and day to day activities.

Fat Loss

The Isagenix Shake and Shot Pack is designed to do two things: get you moving and your muscles pumping. However, it just so happens to fuel fat loss as well. By incorporating IsaLean Shakes and e-Shots into your daily routine (along with working out of course) you’ll shed stubborn kilograms in no time at all.

Lean Muscle Growth

With an impressive 24 grams of premium undenatured whey protein in each and every serving, the IsaLean Shakes in the Shake and Shot Pack are designed to maximise your workout efforts and lean muscle growth.

Improved Performance

The Isagenix Shake and Shot Pack was designed to support optimal nutrition, fuel lean muscle growth and help you reach your full potential. If performance and results is your top priority, this is the pack for you.

Better Endurance

The natural, plant-based caffeine in Isaegnix e-Shots will help boost your energy and mental alertness. Not only will you be able to enjoy prolonged energy, but you’ll avoid the dreaded crash associated with traditional energy drinks as well.

Greater Adaptability

In addition to superiorly sourced caffeine, the Isagenix e-Shots included in the Shake and Shot Pack contain powerful adaptogenic botanicals proven to focus your mind, reduce the effects of stress, and take your daily performance to new heights.


What You Get with the Shake and Shot Pack

When you order the Isagenix Shake and Shot Pack today, you’ll receive:

By regularly taking both as part of an Isagenix performance programme, you’ll experience improved performance, a slimmer waistline, more muscle tone, and the energy to power through the most challenging of days.

Whats in the Shake and Shot Pack


What Makes the Isagenix Shake and Shot Pack So Unique?

Unlike many of the other Isagenix packs and systems offering a wide-variety of cleansing, weight loss, and performance products, the Shake and Shot Pack only provides a select two. However, these two products provide you with the very best nutrition and fuel, allowing you get the most from Isagenix’s cutting-edge research and development. If you’re focused and determined to achieve peak performance day in and day out, this is the pack for you.

How Much is the Isagenix Shake and Shot Pack?

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This pack is my preferred as I really only use the Isagenix Eshots and Shakes now. Convenient and have noticed that the shipping times have improved in the last 2 months too.
- Riley